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Natal Ascendant in Sagittarius

Posted by Luminakisharblaze on March 4, 2011 at 11:08am in Astrology

(Bernice Grebner)

First Decanate (Sagittarius-Sagittarius): Here is the abstract thinker. The initial projection into physical activity is through adventure in sports, fun, and travelling. They develop great pride in their own ideas and have the ability to inspire others into active adventures with them. They excite others by their very athletic appearance. They must learn to balance the adventurous spirit with teaching others abstract ideas.

With Gemini-Gemini on the Descendant, the mate is usually selected through the use of the mind (intuition) rather than from the emotions. The brother or sister of one of the parties may be important in this marriage relationship. It may also give a partner who is mentally clever and ingenious. It can give much activity by the couple in the community in some kind of educational project or much travelling around to the neighbors.

Second Decanate (Sagittarius-Aries): It gives the tendency to be overly enthusiastic, to start with a big burst of energy and then perhaps lose interest. It gives a tremendous sense of humor. When the self-projection of energy is used for mental pioneering of trends and ideas, it is invaluable; also when used for creative endeavors of an artistic nature.

With Gemini-Libra on the Descendant, they want a lot of sentiment from partners but are not always able to give it back, as there is probably too much concentration on what they want. They can be verbally expressive when they want to be, but somehow their heart is not always in it. Even so, they are very faithful. These people believe in fidelity, and the need is great to have congenial mates (twin souls). They are much more the diplomat in their business associations than at home with their mates.

Third Decanate (Sagittarius-Leo): This gives great awarness of divine consciousness. They project themselves into activity in a manner that accepts the role of teachers or leaders in religion. They are natural promoters and can be very charming; therefore they can let enthusiasm run away with them. However, they are fun-loving and have great expectations, not only for themselves but also for others.

With Gemini-Aquarius on the Descendant, they look for intellect in a partner or someone who is somewhat unconventional and original. These people look for mates who allow them freedom to have other close friends, people who want to study and communicate ideas in order to enlarge their own views.

(Sepharial and Muchery)

First Decanate: This decan gives much versatility and capacity for general work. More particularly it gives a good judgement, a sober mind, a quick intellect; but powers running into profusion and disorder through richness of intellect and lack of method. Troubles and bickerings in marital life may be looked for; many enemies and many conquests. The native rises in life through the exercise of his faculties, and favours the more humane studies, natural science and philosophy.

Second Decanate: This decan confers much romance and strong imaginative faculty, love of travelling and life in foreign lands. Not infrequently it conduces to high renown, and gives wealth and good fortune. Death in a foreign land is to be feared, and in some way the native is responsible for his own demise. Inheritance or legacy falls to the native. The patronage of ladies in high life may assist in forwarding the fortunes. A certain restless activity of mind, together with a rich creative power, characterises the subject of this decan.

Third Decanate: The mind is of a philosophical and sober temperament; the passions are strong, but well-controlled. Riches are difficult to acquire, but are yet certain to the native of this decan. Philosophical and literary pursuits, a taste for lofty speculations and deep researches, preferably of a scientific nature, are the chief characteristics of those under this decan. Success in literature is promised to those born under it. Friendships are few, but very steadfast.

Physical Qualities: Sagittarius gives a tall, well-made figure, sometimes stooping, and inclined to obesity at an early age; a large nose and rather long face; a fine, rounded forehead; grey or blue eyes, sometimes brown, but always fine and expressive; a good, clear but ruddy complexion; frequently baldness about the temples; fondness of athletic exercises. The hair is brown or chestnut.

Mental Qualities: Generous, good-tempered, just, frank, a firm friend; inclined to philosophy and religion; eclectic; not much inclined to exact science; fond of travelling. This position gives fine moral qualities. The native is frank and loyal, and his word is as good as his bond. He is affectionate, devoted and generous, and knows how to win the love of those around him; he will be ready to risk his fortune and even his life, if he judges that those in whom he takes an interest are worth it. He is extremely logical, and his benevolence is self-conscious. This position gives a taste for travelling, a love of philosophy, and the ability to succeed as a Government official, or a director. His mind is essentially materialistic, but this does not prevent him from being interested in religion or philosophy in its practical aspect.

(Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker)

Sagittarians project themselves with optimism. Their ambitions are geared to large-scale goals. They appear to be friendly, interested, and jovial. However, they have a tendency to take things for granted and to think solely in terms of their own affairs and frames of reference. Their power comes from tehir ability to influence other people to subscribe to a system of thinking that is arranged to provide them with all the advantages. Nevertheless, the Sagittarians' optimism is a source of inspiration to those with whom they have contact.

With Gemini on the seventh house cusp, frequently there is more than one marriage or partnership, since Sagittarians often have their eyes on greener fields. Even though Sagittarians are primarily loners, they attract people who are intelligent and versatile, and who can aid them in practical ways. They are astute and intelligent in public relations. However, they often prefer that their partners represent them and their ideas.

(Dane Rudhyar)

When Sagittarius is the rising sign, the individual may be fond of outdoor life and travel - or so says the tradition! - but far more significantly he is a person who will come to realize what and who he is through involvement in a great cause, a social or religious belief, a search for truth. This sought-after Truth may be so capitalized that the individual seeks to promote or propagandize it with an often fanatic zeal, or at least with great dedication. He may find his own truth and dharma through teaching others what has fired his enthusiasm; but he needs the polarizing influence of the more precise, more empirical and analytical Gemini mind. He should, theoretically at least, seek partners who will co-operate with him along practical lines, perhaps along several lines of endeavor so that his generalizations and his expansionism may be fed with a variety of relevant data and multilevel relationships.

(Howard Sasportas)

The symbol of Sagittarius is the archer or centaur, usually depicted as a creature half-human and half-horse. The upper part shows the human torso aiming an arrow into the heavens, while the lower half, the horse, has its hoofs firmly planted on (or prancing over) the ground. Precariously balanced midway between the beasts and the gods, Sagittarius rising evinces this fundamental dilimma in its approach to life. One part of the nature aspires to great heights, noble ideals and lofty achievements, while another side is driven by more basic and instinctual animal urges. Can the animal side emulate the higher vision> The gap between what is and what could be is often painful for Sagittarius ascending to endure: creative ways to resolve the split need to be found.

Another image associated with Sagittarius is that of the Seeker - there is always further to go, always something else to chase after and pursue. With this as an Ascendant, life is best viewed as a journey or pilgrimage. Sometimes the journey itself is more fun than actually getting there: an old motto for the sign is 'I see the goal; I reach the goal and see another'.

As a Fire sign situated on an angular house, Sagittarius rising generates heat and needs an outlet or focus for expressing its energy and enthusiasm. Provided they do not put people off by making too great a display of themselves, those with Sagittarius rising have a knack for inspiring others. This Ascendant also has the ability to imbue events in life with symbolic meaning and importance. Therefore something is not seen as existing in isolation but is appreciated in relation to a larger truth or principle.

The dangers of this Ascendant are those of inflation, overdoing and extravagance. Like Icarus, they may fly too high only to crash down to earth later. Some habitually live beyond their means. Others live too much in the realm of possibilities and never succeed in grounding their vision in concrete terms. How much of a problem this is will depend on the strength of the element Earth or the principle of Saturn in the rest of the chart.

The house placement of Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, may show the area of life through which they believe fulfilment might come. It is also the domain through which they can broaden or expand others, or where they might be prone to excesses.

Gemini on the Descendant is the necessary counterpoint to Sagittarius on the Ascendant. In the context of a partnership, those with Sagittarius rising can observe at close range the basic laws and patterns of existence which they have intuited. A Gemini-type mate is ideal for them. The Geminian mind can find the precise words to give expression to the broader concepts and feelings of Sagittarius. Gemini can analyse and question the conclusions of Sagittarius and thereby force the latter to think things through more thoroughly. Gemini provides Sagittarius with the immediate practical steps which can be taken in order to realize goals and aspirations. Sagittarius decides it must get away on holiday, but it is the Geminian part of the self which reaches for the telephone directory and finds the number of the travel agent. Again, as with the other Ascendant - Descendant combination, the Descendant qualities can be imported via another person or they can be developed within the self in the quest for wholeness.

On the physical level, Sagittarius rising may exhibit a high degree of restlessness. Sometimes there is the characteristic broad mouth or 'horsey' grin, as if it must be that large to allow room for all they have to say. Because of the expansive nature of this sign, there can be weight problems when it is placed on the Ascendant.

 The Sagittarius rising will be young and fresh all his life. He will never adopt a jaded outlook, unless he was born with a badly aspected Jupiter in the natal chart. (If that is the case, he will never react to the challenges that another person with this ascendant will take up as a natural course of events. His fear of disappointment is the paralyzing agent that prevents him from seeing his goals clearly.) The willingness to conquer any situation keeps him from static conditions. He will share everything positive in his own experience with anyone else in order to illustrate the invincible nature of man. He possesses the fiery wings of an angel and carries the bow of promise with him everywhere.

Gemini rules the seventh house of partnership when Sagittarius is on the rise. The seventh house indicates the kind of person one is attracted to in partnership areas, whether business or personal. It describes the quality of the relationship and the inner dynamics of co-operative effort. The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the planet ruling intellect, speech, thought, ideas, and 'adult' programming. The individual with Sagittarius on the ascendant is primarily attracted to intelligence in partnership situations. Good mental rapport is essential.

Romance begins under fifth house aspects. With Mars ruling the fifth house, sexual energy may be the first link to the relationship, yet with marriage, the quality of the association takes on a different tone. Good communication is essential for a harmonious marriage. Since the Sagittarian ascendant needs constant challenges, he looks for someone so stimulating that he will never be bored. The Gemini personality is also in need of constant excitement, so the relationship will never be dull if there is mutual agreement and mutual understanding. When rapport exists, the two personalities seem to spark each other, yet the possibility exists that Sagittarius rising is attracted to individuals unattainable or not worth the effort in the long run.

Aspects to Mercury describe the kinds of marriage possibilities for Sagittarius rising. If Mercury is well aspected in the chart, he finds a partner who is intelligent, funny, and quick-witted. The Gemini quality is airy, sometimes skittish, but always lots of fun. The Geminian gets close to a situation, then pulls away to obtain more objectivity. Sagittarius rising can be seduced by this type of mentality, as he reacts to a challenge. He may never be able to pin this type of individual down dompletely, and is therefore constantly on his toes. Since one with Sagittarius rising doesn't want anything that is too easy, as long as the relationship is full of fun and stimualtion, he is filling his needs.

The problem may come when Sagittarius reacts to a challenge and discovers he has chased a losing cause. If Mercury is not well aspected in the chart, he can be attracted to someone who appears to be intelligent but may only have surface wit and verbal agility. The object of attraction may be critical, argumentative, or just a fast talker. He may actually have a 'dual' personality. Mental frustrations would be hard to take if Sagittarius discovered lack of communication in a marriage or business partnership, or discovered unfaithfulness on the part of the mate, for the Gemini personality can be fickle as well. Sometimes the person with Sagittarius rising tends to be attracted to two people at the same time. Choice may be difficult if Mercury is not positive in the chart.

The Pollyanna, optimistic attitude of Sagittarius rising subconsciously avoids associations with anyone practical. He can't stand to be bogged down by analysis of a situation or too many discussions. He is motivated by enthusiasm and is paralyzed by squelchers. In business or personal situations, the Sagittarius personality must be the salesman or goal seeker, while the partner tends to details, facts, and an analysis of the situation at hand. If Mercury is positive in the chart, the ability to have healthy discussions and reach conclusions seems likely. If not, there can be difficulty in clarification and reaching agreements.

Mercury describes the adult ego state in Transactional Analysis. The adult ego state can analyze, collect data, and clearly state opinions. If children are given permission to speak their minds, the possibility of developing a strong ability to communicate is likely. With good Mercury aspects in the natal chart, Sagittarius rising is attracted to someone who has those abilities. If not, the resulting frustration in relationships is mentally wearing. Arguments can ensue, or misunderstanding in areas of communication or discussion.

When the optimistic, outgoing Sagittarian personality understands what he really needs in a relationship, he looks for the kind of active person who is full of ideas, and busy and productive enough in his own life so that he allows the Sagittarius person lots of room to grow and expand. Freedom to explore interesting new facets of life and people promotes survival for this person.

(Lyn Birbeck)

You are a teacher or preacher. Jupiter is your ruling planet. Your Shadow is inferiority. Other is an enquirer or dabbler. Mercury is Other's ruling planet.

Like the superior being that you are inclined to present yourself as, you express yourself with a larger than life sense of confidence and apparent self-assurance. This attracts Other who, as the eternal gatherer of pieces of information, is impressed by your seemingly broad and effortless grasp of all manner of things. Other sees your persona as a role model for how to give off a cosmopolitan air that makes him / her look as knowledgeable as he / she potentially or actually is. However, should Other become aware that behind any particular facet of your self-advertisement there is no product to live up to it, then a kind of intellectual scorn towards what is seen as smugness or pretentiousness on your part can colour his / her idea of you. Conversely, Other's array of endless but unrelated bytes of information, which is simply diversity, is helpful to you just as long as it doesn't annoy you.

What can really bug you about Other is a certain downmarket, irrelevant or inept quality, with a worrisome nature to match. But this is actually a reflection of your fear of being provincial or in doubt. Remind yourself that such 'inferiority' is an example to you of the common touch and concerns that would would greatly complement, even complete, your talent for seeing the bigger picture. Being honest about your doubts will put Other at his / her ease; and, consequently, he / she will feel more confident in him- / herself.

Variety and not getting too tied down are important to you. But so too is having the commitment to a lasting relationship. This contradiction is symbolized by having dualistic Gemini on your Descendant. The resolution to this dilemma is to accept the fact that you lead a two-tone lifestyle and hope that Other will love you for the adventurous and exciting being that you are. Having more than one partner would be stretching this a bit, but if such is the case, it would mean that you found it hard to be honest and share all of your light and shade with just one Other. Then again it caould fall to your partner to act out any suppressed duplicity or lack of commitment on your part!

When you are alone, it is most likely to be because you have simply found it so hard to commit yourself to a relationship that you either have been given up as a hopeless cause, or have never dared take any sort of plunge even into the shallows of a relationship. When it comes down to it, you hate being alone, for then you have to confront what is at the root of relationship problems: your own inconsistencies as opposed to those you see as belonging to Other. Sooner of later, this is the one plunge you will have to take - into your depths.

(John Townley)

For you, love is an opportunity for endless sport, mirth and enjoyment, to be taken in generous helpings and with gusto. Because of this tendency, you should choose a lover with an equally jovial attitude toward sex rather than someone who is overly sentimental about it.

It is not the method or technique of loving that turns you on as much as the sheer joy of mutual participation with your partner. Instead of spending time exploring the sex manual, you are more likely to do whatever comes naturally at the moment, without too much thought or design.

Remember, you probably have much more stamina than most, so you may inadvertently wear your partner out with your abundant energy. Find out just what your lover likes and dislikes, so that you do not stray into forbidden territory unintentionally, thus spoiling your mutual pleasure. In fact, it may be easier to let your partner arrange the details of your lovemaking, so that you just follow along at the right time. Whatever your lover devises, you will doubtless enjoy; and that takes the worry out of preparation.

People with this Ascendant are the most innocent and enthusiastic about sex, an attitude that lednds itself to wholesome and joyful relationships without personality hangups.

(Robert Hand)

You are a very open and outgoing person, quite frank and honest; in fact, you may be blunt to the point of indiscretion. But people who are hurt by the frankness of your remarks feel better when they realize that you really do not intend any harm. Your honesty results from a sincere desire to keep life straight and simple. You do not like social niceties, seeing them simply as obstacles to real communication.

You have a great deal of energy, and you enjoy freedom very much. When you have to remain quiet or confined for any length of time, you get extremely restless. If you can't direct your own life as much as you want, you feel trapped. For this reason you are particularly fond of open spaces. Sagittarians usually like mountainous areas; and being outdoors in general is very good for you.

But while you need to run your own life, you do not feel any particular urge to run others' lives. You feel that having control over people is more of a responsibility than you want to take. However, you do not mind informing them of their duties and obligations.

You are likely to be interested in sports and outdoor activities as well as subjects related to the outdoors, such as ecology and nature studies.