September 7th, 2021

New Earth Living - Spirituality

What is spirituality some often wonder?

The spirit says that the spirituality is a way of living and being. It is defined as beings who have spirit in them, and then living according to the soul contract that the spirit signed before incarnation.

Spirituality is the ultimate way a spirit needs to live and experience human life on planet earth. Spirituality is a wide range of activities put together by the soul self in order to fulfill the soul's mission.

spirituality has many meanings to many souls. Some think of it as religion. Others treat it as means of getting enlightened, by whatever means.

This time around when the planet earth ascended to the higher realm and humanity follows suit to the 5th dimension, The idea of spirituality takes a whole new meaning. Souls on the planet earth now are required to live as spirit and spirituality becomes the way of living and being. It is no longer a means of enlightenment or means of meditation or means of religion. It becomes the definition of the ascended new human.

The planet earth has ascended. Humans will need to ascend and live as an awakened new human race. Living as spirit on new earth is the design for the new earth and that requires all souls to live as awakened beings. That means spirituality is the reality on new earth.

So what the spirituality means to the ascended new humans? The answer lies right in front of each and every soul on the planet.

At the end of the day, every soul has a spirit. Every soul signed a contract before birth. Every soul, by requirement, needs to fulfill the soul contract. Every soul has a means to fulfill the contract. Every soul knows, deep down, what their soul contract is and what it takes to fulfill their soul contract. Every soul has tools to fulfill their soul contract. Every soul has the means to awaken to their soul purpose and utilize the tools they brought with them to achieve enlightenment so that they can fulfill their soul contract. Every soul needs to fulfill their contract, and by doing so, they grow, they know themselves and know their creators.

Every soul knows that there is a greater power in place and every soul knows that greater power is also the spirit in them and in every one else. Every soul knows that they need to connect with that greater spirit and the greater spirit in every one else. And every soul knows that they have the tools to know that spirit and that is through their practice and their way of living. That way of living and connecting is the spirituality of the new age. And the spirituality is the way of living for new humans of the new age.

The Spiritual laws are always in place for humanity to follow. It is the design and it is how the cosmos works. Now since the planet is ascending, it is required by the spiritual laws that humanity will need to follow the spiritual laws in order to live on the new earth as members of the new human race. Spiritual laws are the guiding principles of the new earth and new human race.

Divine love and blessings to you. Linda Li

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