September 14th, 2021

Updates on the Fall Equinox Gathering

Dear family of love and light,

The Fall Equinox gathering is getting very close. Tom and I have been busy preparing. The camp ground is ready, the facilities are in place, and we're putting the finishing touches on the kitchen. We've also updated the programs, so we have more exciting news to share with you.

On Friday, September 24th, we are honored to have Sat Kartar Khalsa and GuruGanesha join us. GuruGanesha Band has been active for a long time. They will perform together for an evening of chanting and uplifting music.

On Saturday September 25th, Kartar Khalsa, who is my Guru in Kundalini tradition, is leading a workshop to expand the consciousness and soul journey. He has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for about four decades, and being in his class is like going through resurrection and rebirthing instantaneously with ease and grace. In the evening, we will have a Kirtan concert performed by Gurunanda from Krishna community of New Vrindaban West Virginia.

Here is Kartar's website.

On Sunday morning at 10am, Tom will lead a global meditation with the theme "Thy Kingdom Come." We will broadcast through Face Book live. Please mark your calendar.

On Friday and Saturday morning at 10 am EST, I will lead two workshops. These workshops are designed to activate our hidden gifts so that we can serve our highest soul mission.

During these two workshops, the Divine will also activate the Divine Feminine light warriors who are ready for the next phase. Mother Divine and Mother Mary's league will be activated and so is Guan Yin's aspects. These two workshops will be donation based and will be streamed online through zoom. Please register on our website so that we can send you the zoom link through email.

Here is the registration form. Please let us know which workshop you participate or both. And we will send you separate zoom links.

Also, each day presents the opportunity to join an American Indian inipi ceremony -- a sweat lodge -- with Tom.

As you can see, this special event is Divinely designed, and full of loving powerful energies. Tom and I hope that you can join us and come for a day or the whole weekend to experience the uplifting experience, which is hard to come by in times like now. And together, we usher in Gaia's new phase and launch the Divine plan to the new Golden Age.

For details, here is our web site.

Living Spirit (

Thank you for joining us and showing your powerful love and support. Divine love and blessings to you all.

Linda and Tom

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