September 16th, 2021

Mother Mary, the Mother of the New Earth

Dear family of love and light, in this ascension journey, Mother Mary has played a significant role. She carries the Divine blue print for all souls on the planet, and not only that, she also has the Divine blueprint of souls on the planet upgraded to the New Earth design. She is now the Mother of the new human race. And she, along with Guan Yin, is the Mother of the upcoming New Age, Gaia's new golden age.

When souls come to the planet, souls will meet with Mother Mary. They sit down and go over soul's mission and blue print. Souls then will choose soul's future parents and preparing for the physical incarnation.

In the future when human souls are ascended souls, their soul contract will also be written with the assistance of Mother Mary. She is the Mother and she will write down soul's mission in soul's heart space with the Divine authority.

New Earth human is designed differently. New Earth human awakens when they incarnate on new earth. In other words, they come wide awakened. They know who they are and they know why they incarnate. Once they incarnate, Mother Mary will tell them what their mission is, and their mission is being written in soul's blue print. That is the design of the new human and the design begins when the new earth starts in the next few months.

When Souls come to the new earth, they will also have their Divine blue print available in the sense that they can access to their blue print if the Divine gives soul the authority. In some cases, souls can have their Divine blue print with them where ever they go and that way, souls can bring their gifts forward quicker and repair themselves easier if there is a need.

Mother Mary has been asked by the Divine to carry the Divine blue prints for all souls on the planet. She is the Mother and she has the authority the Divine has given her.

Throughout the ages, the Divine has realized that humans need a Mother figure on the planet. And humanity has looked for a mother figure for eons of time. Now the New Age is going to start in this Fall Equinox, the Divine will officially bring Mother Mary and Guan Yin to the throne of the planetary Mother. She and Guan Yin, together, will be the sole Mother of human race. The planet is ready, and so is humanity.

Let's celebrate the Mother of the New Earth. Mother Mary has achieved the position. She has the love for the planet and humanity. She has the love for the work as the planetary Mother. And she has earned the position to be the Mother for all. She is indeed the miraculous Mother and now she has achieved that title.

Divine love and blessings to all. So it is.

Linda Li.

All Rights Reserved.