September 16th, 2021

New Earth Living - Walking as your higher self and serve the Divine and your own spirit

Dear family of love and light, the Divine asks me to remind you that the time has arrived for the healing of the wounded warriors, particularly wounded spiritual concepts of the self and ego self. The Divine says that the ego self has impeded some light worker's Divine mission.

As you know, in every human being, there is a Self and an ego self. The Self is the higher spirit Self, and the ego self is the mind, the part that comes when we incarnate to the low density to protect us and play the polarity games.

The higher Self is the part where your spirit resides. It is in every human's heart and it functions as the Divine guidance, the soul self that has all the Divine qualities as the soul journeys through the cosmos. The Higher part of the Self always remembers the journey and remembers the purpose and always knows how to guide the soul home.

The lower self is the part that has the innate mechanism and come with soul and serve a purpose of protecting the soul and body in every human experience. When a soul comes to the planet, the Divine designed this tool for the soul to survive the harsh environment and successfully go through life with the protection of the soul's lower part. It is necessary to have the lower self in human lives.

However, when a soul decides to let the lower self navigate life and believes that there is danger such that the lower self has to be the boss of the soul's life, the life of the soul is reduced to ego games and life becomes a game of survival. Then life will be full of fear mentality. the Soul self becomes the victim of life itself and there will be no other way around except protecting the self, the lower ego self.

Fast forward, as we reconnect with our higher Self and heal our wounded ego self, life becomes more purposeful again. The survival instincts start to fade away, and the warrior spirit starts to reemerge.

Once the warrior spirit starts operating, the soul can be said to be enlightened. Soul's mission takes front line in soul's life and the lower self starts to be subdued, and fear starts to fade away. The ego starts to take the back seat and the higher Self takes the driver seat.

For now, there are some light workers who are still functioning with the lower self when it comes to serving the Divine mission. In other words, they deem that their own self interest is more important than their Divine mission. And that needs to change.

As a spiritual warrior, the lower self has no place to decide what your mission is and how you conduct your Divine mission. It is your spirit that takes the front seat and functions as the guiding principle. The lower ego self cannot decide, and has no place to decide, for your life and how you serve the Divine and your soul contract.

So it is time to examine thy self and heal the ego wounds so that the spirit can truly become the guide in thy life, and you can truly serve the Divine and the spirit as the living spirit on New Earth.

Linda Li

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