September 20th, 2021

Final call to come to the Divine Event

Light warriors of the Divine Mother Father God, the Divine Gathering is starting on Thursday the 23, and ends on Sunday the 26th in Warfordsburg Pennsylvania, for details, please check out the website below.

The Divine wants to make the last clarion call to the critical light workers. The Divine says that it is extremely important that these light warriors hear the call and take action.

For the ones who cannot travel because of travel restrictions, we have donation based zoom sessions available. Here is the registration page. For the ones who have registered for the zoom sessions, we will send you detailed information and zoom links in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience.

For the ones who are called, and it's possible to come, the Divine asks you to come and show up. Know that this is the Divine calling, and there is tremendous work ahead and the Divine Mother Father God need you to show up.

Archangel Michael says that his league has not showed him the hope and desire he has for them. He, particularly wants his sons and daughters to hear the call and fulfill the Divine mission they signed up for. Being his league, these sons and daughters are the brave souls. Knowing that the time is critical, and showing up is definitely needed. There should be no questions asked. He says that he has great expectations for his league of angels, and he is monitoring them and he needs them to respond.

The Divine says that there are quite a few light workers that the Divine is still waiting for their response. Their presence makes a huge difference. Divine Mother Father God has invited these souls and now is time to join the gathering.

There are also a few of Gaia's daughters who have not responded to the call. Gaia has a great deal of hope that these souls will come. She says that now is time for these souls to serve. Time is critical. She is waiting. And she expects these souls to answer.

Again, this gathering is critical for Gaia's rebuilding phase. Our planet and humanity need your love and support. More importantly, it is time for the light workers to fulfill your Divine mission, and coming to the gathering, for some, is to hear the call to start the mission. Know that the Divine is waiting for you, and your mission is ready for you.

Thank you for conducting your light work. Thank you for joining the gathering. Divine blessings to all.

Here is the web site.

Linda Li

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